Who We Are:

With proactive account management and our Amigo-Plus self service reservation system, Travelcraft offers a wide array of management options.  We are very specifically looking for clients with a serious interest in implementing reduction of their travel expenses. 

At Travelcraft each staff travel agent is a specialist in their particular area. Whether your needs are corporate, vacation, consolidator, group, or premium class travel, there is a staff agent with the background to do your job right.

Our Specialization's

As a full service travel agency, Travelcraft is prepared for all travel needs. Here are the areas where you may find our performance to be beyond the normal reach of travel agencies:

  • Airfares, retail and wholesale
  • First Class & Business Class airfares & strategies
  • Corporate travel
  • Motorsports travel


Travelcraft is a member of, or endorsed or appointed by:

  • ARC
  • IATAN (International Airline Travel Agent Network)
  • Registered Seller of Travel (CST # 1010590-10)

Contact Info:

  • Weekday hours: 7AM to 7:30PM Pacific
  • Saturday: 8:00AM to 4PM Pacific
  • Phone: (800) 258-0755, 415-444-0767
  • Email: info@travelcraft.com
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